Telemarketing Order Form

Our telemarketing campaign has phoned hospitality businesses in the following states to gather pertinent information to provide you with a FREE Mailing List that includes the correct mailing address, names of management & department heads in the following establishments:

  • GA, FL (from Pan Handle East to Atlantic) NC, SC, GA and VA (Southern & Coastal):
    Bed & Breakfasts, Campgrounds, Country Clubs, Hospitals, Hotels/Motels & Restaurants
  • TN & AL: Bed & Breakfasts, Campgrounds, Country Clubs, Hospitals & Hotels/Motels

Note: Fast Food Restaurants and Restaurants located inside Hotels/Motels are NOT included in Restaurants.
Calls to update data begin in July 2022 and end in January 2023

The information is available to you in an Excel format suitable for a mail merge. The
data is given to your company FREE OF CHARGE provided you do not sell or share the provided data. If you are caught selling or sharing the data provided, there will be a fine of $7,000 charged to your company.

We Thank You for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you in January!

Check the Order Box for each list you would like to receive.

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